A Maibock is a German spring bock that is brewed as a Helles lagers brewed to Bock strength. Goats are typically found on the labels of Bock beers because “ein bock” in German translates to Billy Goat. Paddock Wood in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has brewed this Maibock to 7.3% ABV.

This Maibock pour out a brilliant and bright dark amber with a few big bubbles rising upwards through the body. A thick, foamy and short lived yellow head sits atop the body. By all appearances, this looks to be a rather malty Maibock, which are typically in the light golden range of color. The nose is toasty and mildly sweet with big bready and toffee notes in the malty backbone. A subtle floral hop is barely noticable in the aroma, but lends a bit of citrus zest to the nose. Warm and strong alcohol is noticable in the aroma as well.

Sweet and malted well in the middle with some caramel and grainy backbone. Light floral and citrus notes at the finish with a mild atringency and dry prolonged aftertaste. Warm and hearty, this beer is quite rich and is a good beer for a rainy day. Well balanced with a big malt and a light hop, but a nice German authenticity.

Grade: B

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