My recent reviews have been on a few International craft beers, so I thought I would finally get back to basics and tackle a Canadian session brew. Anarchist Amber Ale from Cannery Brewing is a 5.5% ABV amber ale by style brewed in Penticton, BC.

Pour out a bright coppery amber with dark brown notes in the body and a thin cap of dispersed yellow head. The nose has a mild toasty and caramel malt accentuated aroma with a hint of floral hop notes as well as an overall mild sweetness. The taste is nutty and toasty with boring cereal malts and a few floral and grass notes. Mild citrus and bitter hop presence on the finish, but no astringency or dryness on the finish. A bit watery and thin in the mouthfeel, but a well balanced beer throughtout. Overall, a solid session brew with a nice balanced taste.


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