Anchor Bock Beer is a 5.5% ABV Dunkler Bock by style brewed at Anchor Brewing in San Francisco, California. A Dunkler Bock is a typically copper to dark brown lager with nutty and toasted flavors and typically no hop taste or aroma.

Pouring out a dark somewhat opaque brown with bright amber highlights in the body and a thick foamy beige head. The foam disperses quickly as steady carbonation cascades upwards in the body and rests as a thin bubbly cap. The nose has sweet caramel and toasty malts with nutty aromas. There is no hop present in the aroma, but I do notice light floral and yeast based fruit notes. An overall sweet and light aroma.

The first sip I took got mostly toasted malts, light chocolate and a hint of underlying sweetness. Not too much going on mid palate, but the finish has a caramel richness and a light floral yeast. Like in the aroma, I get no hop presence in the taste.The body is slick and has the perfect feeling of a German beer.

This is beer is a bit on the subtle side overall, but it is a well balanced session beer with big toasty malts and sweet caramel notes. Overall a good dark session beer.

Grade: B+