Dieu du Ciel! (french translation: Oh my God!) is one of Canada’s most prestigious craft breweries. Located in Montreal and St. Jerome, Quebec, Dieu du Ciel! produces many great beers including Canada’s two best beers Aphrodisiaque and Peche Mortel (according to ratebeer.com and beeradvocate.com) Blanche Neige (french translation: Snow White) is a Belgian Strong Ale by style but described by Dieu du Ciel! as a Double Wit brewed with coriander, curaçao, cinnamon and clove. At 8.3% ABV, Blanche Neige is certainly higher in alcohol than the average Belgian Wit.

Pouring out a bright and brazen light amber with orange hues along the glass, Blanche Neige looks simply spectacular in the glass. A couple of finger of light beige head dies down slowly to a finger of dense foam. I can’t see any carbonation at all in the body. The nose has big spiced and wheaty notes with aromas of clove, coriander and cinnamon and floral yeast esters. A lingering allspice and cinnamon waft out of the glass. The middle is sweet and malted well with big wheat and toasty caramel notes accompanying the spices as they intrude into the finish. A bit overwhelming spiced taste mid palate through to the finish, but a very tasty brew regardless. Warm and pungent alcohol on the finish dulls the spices a little, but they linger on in the aftertaste. Medium bodied and slick in the mouth with a nice richness in the taste.

Overall, an unbalanced beer with the spices tipping the scale on the malts and the non existant hops. A tad too sweet in the middle with a big alcohol finish. This is a really unique brew and one that I will definately revisit.

Grade: A-

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