Brewery Ommegang is an American brewery located in Cooperstown, New York that specializes in Belgian style brewing. As a matter of fact, Ommegang is owned by Duvel Moortgat, one of the largest and most well known Belgian brewery’s. At 5.1% alcohol by volume and with the reputation of bigh alcohol Belgian beers, I can only speculate that this must be one of their lowest ABV brews. The Witbier or Belgian White is a typically lightly colored, cloudy and spiced with ingrediants such as cloves, coriander and orangle peel.

Pouring out a bright and cloudy golden yellow with a thick and foamy pure white head, Ommegang Witte looks absolutely delicious. Hazy and cloudy in the body, I can barely make out a few tiny bubbles rising to the surface.  The nose is wheaty and yeast prominent with big spiced notes. Nuances of lemon and citrus fruits, ester based yeast notes, floral and grassy notes. An overall beautiful and well composed aroma.

The first sip is a tap tangy and sweet in the middle with a full wheaty malt and light spiced notes. Not an overwhelming brew, but nice lemon and spice notes carry on into the aftertaste. The finish is a bit long and tart with light astringency and bitterness. As I sip on this one, a light barnyard funk present noticable and carries on until I finish this beer. The tart lemon and beautifully composed spice mixture is the best quality of this beer. Overall, I am pretty impressed by this wit; its well balanced, the lovely tart finish and lemony taste are beautiful, and is finish is crisp and refreshing.

Grade: B+

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