Wild Rose Brewery recently switched from pot stopper seasonals to the more popular format 650mL bombers. The second seasonal beer in the new bottles, Foothillz Pilz is a Czech style pilsner brewed to 5.2% alcohol by volume.

Foothillz Pilz pours out a bright and crisp golden yellow in the body with a thick and foamy pure white head. Tons of sticky and foamy head clings aroud the entire glass. Fizzy and sparkling carbonation cascades upwards throughout the body. For a pilsner, this is a simply beautiful looking brew. The nose has a crisp and grainy malt aroma with big grassy and light citric notes. I also get a surprising lemon aroma as well as light floral aromas and caramel malt sweetness.

My first sip has a delicious caramel and grainy malt backbone with light caramel sweetness. A bit of a grassy and florally hop taste in the middle gives the tell-tale signs of Saaz hops. Notes of lemon, lemon rind and a few subtle spicy notes. Not too much of a citrus bite from the hops, but a delicious hop flavor on the finish. Light astringency and a dry, surprisingly bitter finish. The hop flavors and citric bitterness prolong into the aftertaste. In general, this is a really delicious session Pilsner. Well balanced, crisp, clean and well hopped for the style. Overall, a really nice session ale.

Grade: B+

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