I found this old bottle covered in a layer of dust at the back of the shelf at a store not well known for their craft beer selection. The best before date on the bottle is sometime in 2013, so this is most likely in the ballpark of 4 years old. I eased the cap off of this bottle of Chimay Blue and I was immediately greeted by a flood of gushing beer from the bottle. I immediately dump the bottle into my Chimay Trappist glass as I try to save as much as I can. Once the glass settles down, there is a finger of ridiculously creamy beige head atop a brightly highlighted murky brown. The head leaves truly thick and beautiful yellowish white lacing rings. A waft of dark, candied fruits and a light sweet roasted malt on the nose accompanies a mild alcohol presence. A bunch of caramel, toffee and biscuits along with a strong estery Belgian yeast nose. Aroma of raisins, grape juice, prunes and sweet candy tantalize my taste buds.

My first taste is simply sublime with a perfect balance of the fruity esters and sweet malts. A light caramel and toffeed malt in the middle balances well with the raisin and prune notes. A hint of spice and estery yeast notes segway into a utterly smooth finish. A bit of alcohol on the finish, but very subtle for 9% ABV. The finish also has a bit of hop bitterness with grassy notes.  The malted middle has notes of toast, biscuit and light roasty nuts. Overall, the sweetness and the detectable fruits make this is perfect Belgian beer.

I’m not sure how the aging affected this bottle as it seemed to taste as beautiful as the last time I had Chimay Blue. Regardless, this is certainly one of the most fantastic brews I’ve ever tasted.